Goalscorer’s Paige/Millie 1
Angie 1

Well how good are we ? A tough match last week and we stepped up to the plate. The last two times Tattenhoe played City Belles this season they won 5 v 1 and 4 v 1. Plus Tattenhoe beat us in the Futsal in January so there is the history now for the present.

A long ole trek up to North Milton Keynes to play our top of the league opponents. The pitch’s top surface greasy but underneath still frosty. In other words ‘orrible and very slippery. As last week, it started off fairly cagey with both teams cancelling each other out and not too many chances for either side.

About 15 mins in, a bit of pressure from Tattenhoe resulted in a shot rifled in from the edge of the box 1-0 to them. We changed it around a bit putting Paige on up front with instructions to use her pace and presence to unsettle their defenders which she did and, no surprise it paid off. A great run from Millie, beating a couple of players and crossing into the penalty area. Great pressure from Paige own goal 1-1.

Although their no9 was causing us problems with her pace, with 3 one on ones with our Keeper Lili coming out on top. Credit to our goalie coach for that – and Lili of course ! Fast was she ? Not as fast as our Eve and that sorted that problem. Eve was now in defence. Now that was a battle royal. Reminded me of Alan McDonald and Mark Hughes battling it out down at Loftus Road (one for the teenagers!).

Half time and a telling off for the manager from the Captain Evie for being niave for offering the oppo oranges ! It gives u vitamins and energy you know 🙂

Second half and much of the same. Abi came over to the right wing and got a bit more joy linking up with Becky well to create a few chances. Issy settled down and contained her attacker with only a few chances at goal for Tattenhoe which were dealt with by Farren who was in goal for the second half. Another tactical change Angie up front Paige dropped back into midfield and Aurela out to left wing for the last ten minutes. Although it was still a battle in midfield for Abi,Becky,Millie and Evie Mc we started to find spaces for Aurela and Angie but again both teams cancelled each other out with Tattenhoe’s defence really looking solid.

That was until two minutes from time when Angie found a bit of space, waited, checked the direction of the wind, saw the keeper was off her line and (the only word to describe it is) crafted the football up and over the defence and the keeper and into the back of the net 2-1. It was always going to be something special to beat Tattenhoe and their excellent defence. Angie, it was a goal Messi would have been proud of !!

Final whistle what a cheer went up from our girls. What a great performance from our girls who really dug in and battled for everything and most importantly for each other !