Goalscorer Angie
GOMs Eve S & Issy

City Belles are a really good footballing team and also a very well organised side but the girls maintained their incredible 100% league record.

With a few late arrivals, we started off surprisingly well and started moving the ball well and finding Eve S, who with her pace was causing City Belles a few early problems. It was from one of these attacks that the ball came out to Angie seeing the keeper off her line smashed the ball up and over and in for 1-0.

For the rest of the first half we probably shaded possession and attacks with Evie, Eve, Angie, Abi and Becky all going close. Defensively we were superb, restricting the opposition to one or two half chances in the first half, which were all dealt with by Lili in goal.

Again in the second half, much of the same. What was pleasing was that both teams were trying to play the passing game, which on quite an uneven surface was difficult, but again cancelling each other out. Aurela, Paige and Reanna with a little bit of luck might have scored but the ball was not quite running for us. However a pleasing aspect was that our forwards were not caught offside once in the whole game. We are definitely learning.

The last 15 mins were really tense with City Belles applying more pressure in our half but again Eve, Millie, Issy, Becky and Evie were backs to the wall protecting Farren’s goal as though their lives were depending on it. With Farren there on the occasions it did get through, she saved it keeping a clean sheet. The last 5 mins got worse with virtually the whole team behind the ball!

In games such as this it’s really hard to single out individual performances for GOM as it was such a collective effort. But Barry and I awarded it to Issy for a great defensive display and after being pushed up into midfield, reminding us why she should really be playing in midfield, not only taking on and beating players, but back tracking and defending as well.

A special mention our collective team spirit epitomised by Eve Singleton who shouldn’t have been there but didn’t leave till the end. I just hope she was not late, more over I hope her mum is still talking to me!