The return to football at Ruislip Rangers is being done with everyone’s safety in mind. Everyone including you and your child will need to play their part in ensuring this is done safely.

The Club has undertaken a comprehensive Risk Assessment which has been approved by Hillingdon Council. So be assured that Ruislip Rangers training sessions comply with The FA’s and the Government’s guidance.

The documents below set out the measures being taken by the Club to provide a safe environment. If you have concerns or are not comfortable with the arrangements that have been made, then you should not attend the training session. This will in no way be held against your child or yourself.

Be aware also that it is for every club official, manager and coach to make their own decision as to when they feel ready to continue with their role in football and go back to training. It is important to remember that they are all volunteers.

Download the Guidance Manuals

Layout of the training areas