Scorers Andreanna Dunbar-Bonnie 4 Naomi Hickey 3 Niamh Reynolds 2 A composite squad from our two U13 girls teams made the long journey to South East London to play an extremely strong Charlton Athletic side in this new London-wide county cup. An absolutely amazing game of football ensued. 6-6 at full time, it finished 9-10 after extra time. Each and every one of our girls should hold their heads up high and take on board the comments from the Charlton staff… “Hope you all got hope safely & have recovered from that amazing game this morning ….never seen anything like it. Some great little players out there on both sides, it would have made a brilliant final. Still 2 league games to go yet so plenty of finger nail chewing to go !” We may not have won but the girls should be proud of their performance.