Our Football Philosophy

Playing the game

To teach our players to develop their ability to play the game:

  • with a positive attitude
  • with a lack of fear
  • in accordance with The FA’s Respect policy

Whilst in possession and trying to score goals

  • To move the ball quickly or drive with the ball in a forward direction if the opportunity presents itself.
  • To use all areas of the pitch to maintain possession and use the goalkeeper as an outlet if required.

Whilst out of possession and trying to prevent goals

  • To work together as a team to close down the opposing player on the ball.
  • To keep a high line (9/11-a-side only).

Whilst in transition

  • For a defensive transition – to move into the team’s chosen formation and to get goal-side.
  • For an attacking transition – attacking players are to lose their marker and find space in an attacking area and defensive players to find space to offer options.

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