Chalfont Wasps U13  5 – 0  Ruislip Rangers U13W

Sunday, 10 April 2016, The Nest, 10:30am

With no subs and Danny unwell but still playing, the last thing that Rangers needed was to go a player down but that is what happened after 4 minutes when Jerome injured himself in the process of making a superb pass. He was in great pain and couldn’t return to the game.

Being a player down didn’t put Rangers off, though, and they played the better football in the first half. Danny came very close three times but just before the break Chalfont went ahead when they scored from a free kick from just outside the area.

Chalfont got a goal early on in the second half but Rangers were still playing well enough to still have a chance in the game. The third goal was the killer though and Rangers looked a bit tired and ragged after that. The return game is in two weeks at home and that will be a truer test.


·         Ryshub Popat

·         James Wright

·         Niall Haynes

·         Cian Donovan

·         Mark Roche (captain)

·         Iain Mwaura

·         Jerome Francis

·         Charlie Hanson

·         Michael Slevin

·         Danny Clough

·         Josh Edwards