Sunday 14 May 2017, 10:30 KO. Harefield United Stadium

Rangers finished off their season with a solid performance that earned them a final position of third in the table.

Harefield belied their position as relegation candidates and played well throughout the game. It was Rangers who took the lead, though, in the 20th minute. Flynn put Jerome in on goal with a brilliant flick and Jerome calmly lofted the ball over the advancing keeper. Harry had a similar chance minutes later but his shot went narrowly and agonisingly wide.

Rangers hit the woodwork twice in the second half. Jerome hit a powerful long-distance shot that struck the bar. A short while later, Jerome did good work on the left and put a low cross in but Flynn’s shot hit the bar. Rangers came to regret those narrow misses when Harefield equalised with 15 minutes to go.

It was a very good game of football and a fitting end to a very good season. Rangers rose the table after a slow start to finish just outside the promotion places and won the Memorial Cup.


  • Lewis Newnham
  • Cian Donovan
  • Josh Edwards
  • Liam Tarrant
  • Aaron Finnigan
  • Michael Slevin
  • Harry Streets
  • Iain Mwaura
  • Mark Roche (captain)
  • Flynn Duncan
  • Jerome Francis


  • Dan Reade
  • Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim
  • Aidan Fajembola


  • Jerome