Sunday, 20 March 2016, Preston Park, 10:00am

This was a difficult game for Rangers because of on-field struggles early on and off-field issues throughout the game but they did extremely well to bounce back from a bad start to give Harefield a fright towards the end.

Harefield started the game strongly and were ahead within 2 minutes. Rangers seemed half asleep and struggled to get their normal passing game going on the small pitch and with Harefield in their faces early on. At half-time, Rangers were 3-0 down and had played their worst half of football all season but were not out of the game by any means.

Unfortunately Harefield got a fourth goal soon after the restart and then a fifth after another 10 minutes. But what was going on outside of the match on the sidelines seemed to spark a reaction from Rangers with 10 minutes to go. Flynn and Kamaal scored three goals between them in an amazing 7-minute period. The game was getting feisty with Harry and Josh standing up for themselves and their team mates in the face of challenges. Rangers were going full–out for what would have been an amazing comeback but in the process conceded another goal.

It was a great fightback by Rangers and for that along with the sportsmanship that they showed in the face of disrespectful behaviour, they deserve immense credit.


·   Ryshub Popat

·   Cian Donovan

·   Liam Tarrant

·   Harry Streets

·   Jerome Francis

·   Niall Haynes

·   Charlie Hanson

·   Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim

·   Aidan Fajembola

·   Mark Roche (captain)

·   Flynn Duncan


·   Iain Mwaura

·   Josh Edwards

·   James Wright

·   Danny Clough


·   Flynn Duncan

·   Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim (2)