Sunday, 28 February 2016, Queensmead School, 11:00am

This was one of the games where the scoreline didn’t really reflect the game. Rangers put in possibly one of their best performances for quite a while and should have won by more.

Rangers dominated the first half. They worked hard and some of the passing moves were fantastic. Players looked composed on the ball and their only failing was in not creating enough clear-cut chances. The breakthrough came just before half-time when Aidan and Kamaal worked together brilliantly on the left. Jerome tucked the ball home when the ball came over to him.

The second half was a similar story. The pressure that Rangers exerted eventually paid off with the second goal coming from Kamaal. Martin Baker scored just before the end but the result was never really in doubt and it moves Rangers up to fourth with games in hand.


·         Lewis Newnham

·         Cian Donovan

·         Liam Tarrant

·         Harry Streets

·         Jerome Francis

·         Niall Haynes

·         Charlie Hanson

·         Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim

·         Aidan Fajembola

·         Mark Roche (captain)

·         Flynn Duncan


·         Iain Mwaura

·         Josh Edwards

·         James Wright

·         Michael Slevin


·         Jerome Francis

·         Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim