Sunday, 13 March 2016, Stanley Jones Memorial Field, 11:30am

This game was a major demonstration of the progress this team is making. Playing against the odds away to the league leaders, Rangers came away with a draw but played well enough to win.

Rangers took the lead in the 5th minute when Flynn expertly lobbed the goalkeeper from outside the box. Taplow came back into the game but the defensive three of Cian, Liam and Harry with Lewis in goal contained the threats well. Rangers were winning most of the tackles and passing the ball around well and creating chances when they had possession. They had a possible second goal from Flynn disallowed for offside and Mark’s well-struck shot was well-saved by the keeper. Kamaal went on a brilliantly strong run but just lost his balance when he took his shot. Just before the half, the Taplow number 10 found a rare bit of space in the box and took his chance well to level up the score.

Rangers continued to play well in the second half. Niall was given a man-marking job on the Taplow number 10 and he took him out of the game. From that point on Rangers looked like the most likely team to win. Just before the end, Iain’s header from a lofted corner by Mark went inches over the crossbar and then Josh had a shot from distance that looked like it was going in but sailed just inches over the bar.


  • Lewis Newnham
  • Cian Donovan
  • Liam Tarrant
  • Harry Streets
  • Danny Clough
  • Niall Haynes
  • Charlie Hanson
  • Kamaal Patrick-Ibrahim
  • Aidan Fajembola
  • Mark Roche (captain)
  • Flynn Duncan


  • Iain Mwaura
  • Josh Edwards
  • James Wright
  • Dan Stevens


  • Flynn Duncan