We arrived at the first festival of the season in great numbers – 11 girls including 3 debutants Emma, Emily & Lola.

We split into two roughly equal teams – taking into account ages, experience and the availability of kit 🙂

John took The Clarets and Dave The Blues.

With 7 teams present, matches were short, 6 minutes straight through.

Both teams enjoyed tremendous mornings going unbeaten all day – including a terrific 0-0 draw between the two teams. The Clarets dominated but The Blues defended resolutely (They conceded 1 goal all morning) and Emma in goal was absolutely outstanding. Lola came close to nicking a win for the Blues with a great break away.

The Clarets finished the day with 5 wins and a draw, the Blues with 3 wins and 3 draws.

Girl of The Festival for the Blues was Keighley and for The Clarets Emma – who was not only superb in goal but came out for two games and scored two goals.

Krystal top scored for The Clarets with Isabelle, Nieve, Gracie and Keighley all chipping in.

Yahvi got 4 for The Blues with Emma getting 2.